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Tâm Việt's aim to grow as a leading brand in the field of manufaturing and trading in Vietnam.

With product quality and business fervour, Tam Viet will constantly keep innovating, enhancing skills and maintaining its position as a well-thought-of brand by customers and partners.


Core values


To gain the trust and long-term companion of partners and customers, Tam Viet is committed to bringing products that meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, efficiency and productivity.

Products and services of Tam Viet always ensure the highest quality with rigorous and careful selection in each stage, from sourcing of raw materials, production, logistics, to after-sales services.

Ceaselessly improving capabilities along with investing in new technologies in design, management and production are the prerequisites to help Tam Viet be more creative in order to satisfy all customer requirements.

All products, services and consulting provided by Tam Viet only target in one single goal of facilitating customers reaching their success. Working hard and doing our best for the benefit of customers are guiding principles of our own staff.



With high-class, safe and trendy products and services, Tam Viet is willing to accompany enterprises to contribute to the development of the country as well as improving the quality of life for every people.

Simultaneously, Tam Viet aims to become a pioneer - a top brand in Vietnam to bring good domestic products going global, enhancing the position of a Vietnamese brand in the international arena, promoting a positive picture of domestic manufacturing industry, and, more broadly, Vietnam's economy.